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After getting into an automobile accident, there are a lot of things going through your mind. If you were injured, paramedics likely arrived at the scene of the accident and transported you to the hospital on a gurney in the back of an ambulance. Once you arrived at the emergency room, you were evaluated by ER doctors and eventually discharged to go home with pain medication and instructions to follow up with a primary care physician. Now you have an ambulance charge and a hospital and ER doctor charge, and you need to be further evaluated and receive additional treatment from a doctor and possibly a specialist. How will you pay for all of this? How can you ensure you will receive the best treatment available? Will your health insurance cover all of these charges? Unfortunately, after a car accident many families are left with the reality that medical attention means exorbitant hospital bills and other health care costs, and health insurance doesn’t always pay for everything or you may have a large deductible. Before you know it, you are left dealing with a flood of medical bills, copays, coinsurance, and you have to advance these costs because insurance companies have very slow turnaround times for payment. With all of this going on, how can you be focused on recovering and healing from your physical injuries and mental trauma. Insurance companies are notorious for delaying payment of financial compensation to you, inhibiting you from obtaining the care you need and potentially exacerbating your injuries and the mental trauma you and your family are going through. At our firm, an auto accident attorney will zealously fight for your rights, build a strong case, and obtain just compensation from the other driver and their insurance company, reducing your stress and giving you the chance to devote all of your time and energy to healing from your accident-related injuries.

A Dedicated Auto Accident Attorney Will Fight for Your Rights

There are many different types of accidents, but the most prevalent are auto accidents.  Every day we get into our vehicles accepting the risk that we may be involved in a car accident.  Rarely do we analyze what may follow.  In addition to medical bills, auto accidents involve the recovery of the cost of repair of your vehicle, lost wages and most importantly pain and suffering.  Unfortunately receiving payment for the latter is sparse and can be stagnant when you do not have experienced representation.  Furthermore, the trauma of an automobile collision may leave a victim vulnerable to insurance companies who will vigorously defend their case.  Being under represented is not a fair playing ground for you.  Undoubtedly, delay tactics and excessive legalese employed by insurance companies hinder a clients remedies and the fluidity of an outcome that a victim deserves.  Our attorneys understand that a vehicle collision is not just about money.  The victim needs to spend their time recovering mentally, emotionally and physically, it is not fair to have to cope with those realities, and also have to deal with the complexities and intricacies of insurance companies.  A committed and seasoned attorney will facilitate your monetary recovery by fighting for your legal rights, leaving no money on the table, and remaining mindful of your personal recovery for you and your family at home.  We distinguish ourselves from the rest of the community through our personal experiences as well as our undying commitment to the protection of our clients. 

Steps after an Automobile Accident

The first priority in any accident case is to get immediate medical attention.  Following the initial medical care, the plan of action and decisions that are made in the weeks following a collision will determine whether you will be justly compensated for your losses.  Elements of an auto accident case are complex and require constant attention to detail.  Immediate legal representation will protect you from strategically implemented tactics used by insurance companies who are working with unrepresented victims resulting in critically threatening and in some cases preventing compensation.  An experienced auto accident attorney will represent you on a contingency basis (no fees until your case is won). 

Lawyer’s Plan of Action

As mentioned above, an automobile collision case involves many aspects that require a lot of time and attention to detail.  A few of these items include performing an independent investigation of the vehicle collision, reviewing police reports as well as interviewing witnesses.  Your lawyer will request legal demands to the insurance company, person or company that caused your injuries.  If the individual who caused your injuries is uninsured, then a claim may need to be submitted to your insurance company.  There is always a Statute of Limitations that an attorney must be mindful of to ensure that your claim will not expire and that the appropriate steps are taken prior to the expiration of the Statute of Limitations.  If a Statute of Limitations expires, then your claim will be void forever.  The Statute of Limitations in and of itself can be a complex issue, so protect yourself with legal representation. 

Fatal Accident

The death of a family member in a fatal car collision may be the most traumatic and unfortunate outcome of a car accident.  The deceased is just one victim, the family is another.  A families grief is incalculable.  If a family member has passed away in a fatal car accident, your car accident attorney will file a wrongful death cause of action on your behalf.  Your remedy may include financial compensation for the loss of companionship you are suffering as well as any medical bills related to the accident.  Majority of people are not aware of the cost of a burial until they are faced with the reality following the death of a loved one.  A wrongful death case will include a demand for the cost of the burial of your loved one.  The costs associated with the death of a family member propels a financial burden into the lives of the family, let a car accident attorney lift that burden so that you and your family can properly grieve the passing of your family member.      

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