Fatal Car Accident

A fatal accident is a horrific event that will change your life forever. Nothing can bring back a loved one who was killed in a fatal car crash and no amount of money will relieve the pain of losing a husband, wife, brother, sister, or other family member. You may not want to deal with lawsuits or legal claims at the moment and would rather deal with the issue at a later date. However, there are critical steps you must take to preserve your family’s important rights.

Your Family Has Legal Rights After a Fatal Car Accident

Your family has a legal right to recovery financial damages (money) for the medical bills incurred prior to the passing of your family member. You may also have the right to recovery financial damages for the lost future income and future earnings that your family member would have made had it not been for the fatal car accident.  Under the legal rules of liability, and under wrongful death law, you have a right to hold negligent parties responsible for your loss.

Insurance Coverage

In fatal accident cases, insurance coverage is a key issue. The driver that caused the crash may not have insurance, or their insurance policy limits may not be sufficient to compensate you for your losses. In most cases, unless the driver who caused the fatal car crash was driving a company car for a business and carried commercial general liability insurance (which typically can have a policy limit of $1 million, or more), the insurance policy limits will not be sufficient.

Sufficient Assets

One of the first things that your attorney will do is assess the coverage limits and whether the person who caused the fatal accident has sufficient assets that can be used to compensate you to the extent that their insurance policy limits are insufficient to compensate for your losses. This may significantly affect the legal strategies employed in prosecuting your claim.

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