T-Bone Collision

When a vehicle is struck broadside by another vehicle, the accident is commonly referred to as a T-bone collision.  These types of accidents typically occur at a 4-way intersection that has traffic lights.  Usually, one vehicle that has a green light facing its direction of travel is crossing the intersection and another vehicle runs a red light and strikes it broadside.  Unfortunately, it is very common for the driver of the car who ran the red light to claim he or she was proceeding on a green light and blame the other driver whom in fact had the green light and right of way.  T-bone collisions also may happen when a driver is making a left hand turn across oncoming traffic on a green arrow and is broadsided by an oncoming vehicle that failed to stop for a red light.  In other cases, you may be headed straight down a road and another car attempts to make a left-hand turn without yielding the right of way to oncoming traffic (you) and you end up striking the car broadside.

Proving Liability for the Accident

If both drivers involved in the incident are honest and truthful about all facts and circumstances concerning the accident, including whom truly had a green light and right of way, proving liability can be relatively straightforward.  The other driver may admit liability and a jury will subsequently find him or her fully responsible for causing the traffic collision.  However, in many T-bone accident cases, the driver who was really at-fault for the collision will falsely claim that they had the right of way.  In such an event, which unfortunately is all-to-common, it will be very difficult to prove liability without the testimony of an uninterested third party who was an eye witness to the collision and surrounding circumstances.  Without another disinterested party’s version of the facts, it will simply be “he said, she said,” making it difficult, if not impossible, for a jury to determine whose negligence caused the collision and therefore should be held responsible for your injuries.

Finding Witnesses

Finding an independent witness may be the key to your car accident attorney proving liability and winning your personal injury case.  If you were lucky, a stranger who was an eye witness may come up to you at the scene of the incident and give you his or her phone number.  Your attorney can contact such a person and secure the testimony of that person, which will help build a strong case and prepare for the trial of your legal matter.  Even if nobody came forward and spoke to you at the scene, or if you were taken away in an ambulance and never had a chance to speak to anyone, the investigating police officer may have spoken to witnesses and obtained their contact information.  The officer will typically include the identity of any such witnesses, and usually a brief statement regarding the substance of their testimony, in a traffic accident report that your attorney can obtain from the appropriate local government agency.

Help From an Attorney

T-bone collisions can be one of the more difficult types of cases to prove liability.  You will need the help of an experienced car accident attorney who knows how to handle T-bone accidents in order for you to prove your case and hold the other party accountable for your injuries and other damages sustained in the T-bone collision.  Call 619-955-5578 today and talk to a personal injury attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.