With our clients’ permission, we are sharing their positive feedback with you as our clients’ recognition is truly the most important gauge of our success.

  Peggy B.

My family was hit by a drunk driver and my kids were hurt pretty bad. I was injured myself but my main concern was my kids and getting them to the best doctors. Since we didn’t have health insurance at the time, it was important that we hired the right lawyer who send us to the appropriate physicians and specialists. I have been fortunate to work with Joe. He has been unlike any other attorney I have ever worked with. Joe actually returns calls with 24 hours. He’s always responsive to my needs, and he always listens to every concern that I have no matter how trivial. I highly recommend Joe if you need a car accident attorney. – Peggy B.

  Tyler P.

As a business owner, I’ve worked with many attorneys. I’ve never had to use one for a car accident. I began researching personal injury attorneys online and all of them say they are the best. So I asked some attorneys I’ve worked with on business matters. One of them, actually my corporate attorney, recommended Joe and said he really is the best car accident attorney in town. Joe and his staff were very professional and attentive to my needs. They kept me updated regularly which is very important to me. I hold lawyers to a very high standard and Joe exceeded all my expectations. – Tyler P.

  Chris M.

I spoke with a couple of lawyers that were referred by my friends but did not feel comfortable with them. I decided on Joe and it was the best decision I ever made. Working with Joe was an unexpected surprise. He spoke to me like a human being and I actually felt like he treated like a family member. Even though I was just in a fender bender, my case was resolved quickly with a fantastic settlement that I never expected. – Chris M.

  Patty M.

When I got in my car accident, the guy that hit me was suggesting that I not submit my claim with his insurance company.  It didn’t feel right and made me nervous.  A friend recommend that I contact Car Accident Attorney.  My attorney told me my rights and confirmed my intuition that I definitely needed to submit my claim to his insurance company.  Not only that, but he also gave me peace of mind that everything would be taken care of, and it was.  Joe and the Car Accident Attorney team are very professional and knowledgeable attorneys.  Any time anybody asks me if I know an attorney, I always recommend them. – Patty M.

  Art M.

After my car accident a trusted family friend recommended Car Accident Attorney. They are exceptional and dedicated attorneys who truly cares about their clients and the outcome of their cases. I had a serious injury and a lot of pain and stress. I was also losing time from work and had serious financial concerns. Joe and Mark were emphatic and placed my well being first. They arranged for me to see doctors who took care of my injury. Any time that I was confused or didn’t understand what will happen next, they explained the process and answered my questions until I felt comfortable and completely understood what was going on. I really respect attorneys who show such patience and compassion with me. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that my attorney was looking out for me and had my best interest in mind. I should also mentioned that I had a difficult case where liability was disputed and we were able to get me more money than I expected. – Art M.

  Craig S.

Joe came highly recommended. From the very beginning I could tell that he was going to work hard to get my car accident case resolved and to make sure I would get all I was entitled to from the guy that rear ended me. Joe gave me a complete understanding of everything to expect during the personal injury process. He was always available to answer my questions, even after regular business hours. Joe did not accept a low settlement and really fought for me and my results were greater than I even anticipated. – Craig S.

  Patricia W.

Nobody wanted my case because I was hit by an uninsured motorist. Lawyers wouldn’t return my calls. This worried me because I’ve heard all the horror stories about lawyers not returning phone calls and just treating you like a number if you don’t have a million-dollar case. I carefully did my research and spoke to many attorneys before hiring Joe. He returned my call within an hour and was so easy to talk to. I could tell he genuinely cared about me and was not just interested in the money. He always took the time to talk to me no matter how trivial my questions. I hope I’m never in another car accident but if I am I would only call Joe. – Patricia W.

  Rob A.

After being discharged from the hospital, I had no idea what my next step would be.  My attorneys expedited the process of getting the police report and found out the identity of the driver who crashed into me, who had actually totaled my vehicle.  It turned out that the other driver had given the police the wrong insurance information… it was an expired policy.  I was very frustrated, but then Joe and the Car Accident Attorney staff researched and found the driver in another state, got his correct policy information, and quickly put in my claim.  This all happened in less than a week.  A few days later, I had a check in my hand for the full replacement value of my car. I could not believe it. I’m grateful for their help. – Rob A.

  Jeffrey K.

Joe was my attorney. He was very helpful in explaining the car accident process, my options within the process, and what I was to expect going forward with my case.  They told me exactly what would happen, when it would happen, and how the car accident claim process works from start to finish.  They always told me that the most important thing for me to do was to focus on getting better and let my attorneys handle the legal paperwork, which is what I did.  They always kept me up to date and called me regularly to see how I was doing.  I would absolutely recommend this firm. – Jeffrey K.

  Karina M.

After my car accident my family needed an attorney to help us and we were fortunate to find Car Accident Attorney.  They were always so helpful and most importantly he made me feel comfortable with the process.  If my mother and I ever had questions my attorney always answered us quickly.  My attorney guided me through everything, and always kept us up to date, which I appreciate immensely.  He also didn’t charge anything for getting us the money for my grandfather’s wrecked car.  My family and I appreciate him so much for all his help and couldn’t have done it without him.  It was a great experience for an unexpected situation. I even got more money than I was expecting to get so I am very happy with the outcome of the case.  If my family ever needs an attorney we will definitely hire Car Accident Attorney. – Karina M.

Please note: The above testimonials are experiences of clients based upon the unique circumstances of their individual cases and do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.