Train Accident

Traveling by train is generally considered a safe form of transportation.  However, if an accident occurs, the outcome can be catastrophic.  A train may derail or collide with another vehicle or object leaving the victims with severe injuries, trauma, pain and often death.  If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving a train, contact [name] and we will help you obtain the necessary financial and medical compensation that you deserve.

A Dedicated Train Accident Attorney Will Fight for Your Rights

As a victim, dealing with a train accident can be grueling and confusing.  It is very important to investigate an accident of this magnitude.  Investigating is no easy task, and that is when you need an experienced attorney to help facilitate the process.  In addition to the investigation, a train accident involves severe emotional and physical injuries to the victims.  Therefore, our lawyers are committed to handling all of the procedure and negotiations with the insurance companies and their defense team to allow you to focus on recovering with your family.  At the time of such a tragedy, most victims are not thinking about the long term financial consequences that may follow from failing to file a claim in a timely and proper manner.

Why Train Crashes Happen

As you may know, a train is operated by a train engineer. Typically, the accidents involving a train are as a result of the train operator’s carelessness or negligence in the operation of the train. Timing is everything when operating a train, and stopping a train that is going at high rates of speed is difficult, if not impossible, and can lead to massive injuries and casualties. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate these cases, hiring professionals and experts to determine whether the train engineer was properly operating the train. However, train engineers are not exclusively the cause of train crashes. Occasionally a railway or track may be washed out from years of wear and tear, or rainfall causing the traincar to derail. Keeping up with the railing and tracks is the responsibility of the train company, and failing to maintain them can cause tragic accidents.

Thorough Investigation

When an accident with a train occurs, there will be a standard investigation by the government authorities, namely the Federal Railroad Administration, and other agencies.  This is just part of the investigative work to be done.  Your attorneys will need to perform a thorough investigation that includes both the reports by the government authorities and a private investigation to discover additional facts and evidence that will support your case and help your attorneys win at trial.  Accuracy is critical in train accident cases, and an experienced attorney will be the key to having a seamless case.

Wrongful Death Cases

If your loved one was killed in a train accident you and your family may be entitled to file a wrong death case and receive monetary compensation for the loss of companionship that you once shared with your spouse or other family member. In some cases, you may be able to also recover burial costs which can be very expensive. Losing a loved one is always difficult, and losing them in a tragic way is unimaginable. It is very important to our attorneys that you and your family can focus on the grieving process rather than the complex intricacies of medical bills and insurance companies.

Call Today to Preserve Rights

As a victim of a train accident or as a family member of someone who was killed in a train crash, you must take immediate legal action, otherwise you will lose important rights and remedies under the law.  Speak to a train accident attorney at our firm today and preserve your legal rights.  Call 619-955-5578.