Trolley Accident

On a busy day, our San Diego trolley system is used by over 100,000 riders in a single day.  People use the trolley to get to work, school, and other daily tasks regularly including transportation to and from our Chargers and Padres games.  In order to support this transportation system, the Metropolitan Trolley Station (MTS) provides trolley stations all over the county.  The trolley runs through our busy city at speeds of up to 50mph, and in doing so sometimes accidents may occur.  Accidents involving other cars, and/or pedestrians are not uncommon.  If you or a family member has been involved in an accident with a trolley, let our experienced lawyers represent you in obtaining your financial and legal rights.

Why You Need Legal Representation by a Trolley Accident Attorney

What makes an accident involving a trolley unique from a car, truck or motorcycle accident is that a claim against the trolley system is a claim against a government entity.  As a result, there are statute of limitations that are unique to an accident involving a government entity that most people are reasonably not aware of.  If you are not aware of this and other limitations, the window to file your claim may pass, and you will be barred from ever filing a claim even if the trolley was at fault.  Furthermore, surely a government entity will have aggressive attorneys who are very familiar with the system, and insurance systems.  Their attorneys will likely defend themselves to position themselves in their favor, providing enough recovery for the bare minimum, and the least amount of recovery for you.  Without experienced legal representation, your chances of prevailing on a claim are slim to none.

Accidents Can Be Devastating

As you are aware, trolley operators have full control of the trolley that is going through our busy streets.  Even though it is a trolley, the operator has to abide by the city limits.  Just like a car, truck or motorcycle accident a trolley may run a red light, not slow down when required and cause a collision.  However, unlike some accidents, the outcome of a trolley accident can be devastating…after all, the trolley is very big and has the force of a train.

Call for Help Today

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with a trolley, call an experienced attorney at the Car Accident Attorney firm today.  We can help you get through the legal process to get you the best financial and medical outcome that is your legal right.  Call us today at 619-955-5578.