Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been in a vehicle collision with a driver of a truck, big rig or trailer, then you know that the potential effects can be catastrophic involving serious injuries, including physical and mental trauma.  Protecting yourself with experienced legal representation is critical to preserving your legal rights.  Typically, the driver of the truck is insured through his or her company’s insurance.  It is likely that the company’s insurance carrier  will vigorously defend their case shifting the blame partially, if not completely on you, the victim.  Therefore, a truck accident attorney is essential in protecting your rights.

Why You Should Get Legal Representation By a Truck Accident Attorney

As mentioned above, a collision with an 18 wheeler or other vehicle of that nature results in devastating injuries and damages.  Medical expenses, loss of wages, the repair or replacement of your vehicle, pain and suffering are just a few of the many obstacles a victim may face after a collision.  A trucking company’s insurance will aggressively work in contrast with your best interests.  Without legal representation it is not a fair game and in most cases not a fair fight.  A committed attorney will have your best interest in mind and work diligently to preserve and protect your legal rights and get you’re the maximum financial compensation for your damages.

Medical Injuries

Medical injuries involving eighteen wheelers frequently cause severe life-threatening injuries.  You or your family need immediate and the best care possible to recover and be made whole again.  Time is of the essence in accident cases, let out attorneys deal with the insurance company’s hurdles, obstacles and timely requirements, while you focus on you and your family’s recovery at home.

Trucking Company Insurance Carrier

Generally, trucking companies have unlimited financial resources spending a great amount of their time and money in an effort  to minimize their liability to you.  The insurance company often hires investigators to prepare reports that lead to the notion that you were at fault.  Your attorney will know how to successfully fight against the trucking company’s insurance carrier

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